News22. August 2022

Fleetstep has launched a NEW digital platform for Zipcar Scandinavia in collaboration with Avis Bilutleie.

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Car ownership of the future

Fleetstep is the total supplier for the new digital platform used by the car-sharing service Zipcar Scandinavia. A platform that meets the car ownership of the future, with high flexibility and specially developed for sustainable collaboration.

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Zipcar - a part of Avis Budget Group
Zipcar - easy and simple find the car you want for an hour, day or week.
Zipcar - easy and simple find the car you want for an hour, day or week.

Fleetstep will challenge the rental car industry in new digital ways

Fleetstep was established in 2021 and is a young Startup company with big ambitions. The founder of the company has been employed by Avis Budget Group for several years, where he had the replacement car segment in Norway as his area of responsibility. The experiences he brings with him further help to shape the development of the company's digital platform, and for what strategic plans the company has for the future. The company's objective is to establish an independent third party that connects the industry itself with new and innovative solutions that are built on sustainability, interaction, and increased utilization of available resources.

Zipcar - easy and simple find the car you want for an hour, day or week.
Press contact: Anders Eidval, Mob: 45 96 71 25 E-mail:

"Avis Budget Group has, for me, been an incredibly exciting employer that has challenged and facilitated personal development with room for self-expression. I am incredibly grateful for the experience and the relationships I am taking with me further, and at the same time I am humbled by the trust AVIS is now showing by choosing Fleetstep as its collaboration partner."

Anders Eidval – CEO & Founder / Fleetstep

Fleetstep and Avis in close partnership

The agreement between Avis and Fleetstep deals with the delivery of a SaaS platform for the administration of Zipcar Scandinavia. Fleetstep delivers services that are tailored, both for mobile applications for the business and private markets, service applications for operation and maintenance of the fleet, connected car solutions, and many new and exciting functionalities for end users. The platform will be a tool to simplify, but at the same time strengthen, the service Avis and Zipcar deliver today. The platform will also add new opportunities for their products and services in a car market that is undergoing major changes where we see that traditional ownership is being challenged by flexible subscriptions and sharing services.

About Fleetstep AS

Fleetstep is a Norwegian technology supplier that develops and delivers a forward-looking SaaS platform for Fleet Management together with a telematics solution for Car Sharing, Car Subscription, Digital Driving Book in combination with a unique marketplace tailored for the B2B market. Fleetstep offers the products through direct contact with our team, or through our partners. Fleetstep has a unique team with a passion for innovation, technology, as with our forward-looking platform for sustainable interaction and increased value creation for our partners.

News7th February 2022

Fleetstep is a member of Asker Næringsforening!

We are proud to be part of an exciting business association.

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Asker Næringsforening

Asker Næringsforening pursue to be a leading business association for innovation and business growth, and the team behind Fleetstep are excited to collaborate with the passionate team behind the association and their many members. Fleetstep will actively participate in the community to build relationships, share experience, and together further develop both local and national service offerings for the public and private sector.

Photo of Steinar Bustad, Anders Eidval, Trine Maren Skott-Myhre
From left: Steinar Bustad, Anders Eidval, Trine Maren Skott-Myhre

Asker Næringsforening should be:

  • a leading business association on innovation and business growth
  • a channel for the municipality's business community
  • pushes for the best possible framework conditions for business and industry
  • the natural and preferred partner for public and municipal authorities in matters concerning business and industry
  • arena where our member companies can develop their networks, as well as get professional support to strengthen local business community's collaboration opportunities and competitiveness