Drivers log

We automaticly log your actually driven distance, date, and time so you dont have to.

Drivers log

More time to focus on work

By using Fleetstep's unique platform as your choice of digital logbook, your company gets access to services such as the use of car sharing from one of our partners, which also links driving logs to your individual user. You decide whether the service should be activated, but if you do, the opportunity opens up to combine both a fixed fleet and the use of car sharing services.

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Just drive, we take care of the rest

Drivers Log

Actually driven distance, date, and time


Document addresses for the start and stop of the trip


Do not allow the information to be corrected or deleted


Purpose field - private or describes the purpose of the business trip

Flexible car fleet

By activating the oprion for car sharing your company will have access to a very flexible car fleet, and the log is automatically updated on your employer's profile, even by driving a shared vehicle from one of our partners. This can reduce fleet costs for your business, you reduce consumption through sharing services, and your team will always have a car available. We can even link your calendar to our system so you would have to worry about adding the purpose of your trip, it would be automatically updated.

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