Global Marketplace

The future of car ownership is shifting towards more flexible mobility services.

Global Marketplace

Maximizing global fleet utilization

The people behind Fleetstep believe we can increase global fleet utilization through collaboration and partnerships. Let us reduce the impact on the environment by maximizing usage of our vehicles.

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Traditional car ownership is challenged by subscription services for both the corporate and the private market.

The future of car ownership is shifting towards more flexible mobility solutions, where an increasing proportion of both companies and private customers choose a car subscription service as their choice of agreement. This means freedom and little risk for the end customer, but for the providers of car subscription services, this will potentially lead to high financial risk and a large proportion of unused cars in fleet.

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B2B marketplace

With our innovative marketplace, integrated into our fleet management system, you always have access to our partners and their available cars. Rent cars during periods of higher need, or rent surplus cars from subscriptions and re-leasing products when demand is low.

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Cars are made to be driven

So, let's ensure optimal fleet management, make the most of our cars, and find new and innovative ways to achieve a more sustainable industry. Let us share the resources we have, make our operations more sustainable, with higher profits, and less impact on the environment.

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Evolve your fleet

You can choose to use our advanced fleet management system where the marketplace is just a keystroke away, or you can integrate the solution into your own systems by connecting to our APIs. Rent an extra car or offer a surplus car via our platform, whether it is re-leasing products, unused subscription cars, or cars from your used car warehouse.

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Key points for Fleetstep Marketplace

Advanced Marketplace

Advanced marketplace for fleet optimization

Reduce risk

Reduces financial risk, maximizes fleet utilization


Integration in Fleet Manager for easy transfer to own or external car fleet

Built for organization

The platform is developed for groups with easy access for new companies and / or agents

Adjustable dashboard

Adjust prices, cars, and duration by appointment in a separate Dashboard

AI optimization

The Fleet Management system ensures a good overview with AI based optimization